Vicki Penney-Rohner

Vicki Penney-Rohner

Whether using oils, pastels, or acrylics, I always strive to create a feeling. Using light, composition and a layering of color, I’m not just rendering an image, but working to express a mood. Because of my origins as a pastel artist, I begin all my work with a very loose rendering of strokes of color that create my value range and composition. I then layer more colors, stopping along the way to reflect as the work evolves. I can decide how realistic I want the piece as I render more and more detail……or not!!

I consider my more detailed work to be impressionist realism, but love to create a more abstract impressionist work as well. Harley Brown and Kitty Wallis inspired me in my early work in both soft and oil pastels. When I became comfortable rendering realism in that medium, I wanted to work on larger pieces. My work has the clear mark of my classic training with Edwin Kayton, who has been my mentor in my exploration of oils and acrylics. 

The creation of a 3-D form on a 2-Dimensional platform is “magic” that requires an understanding of values, light and shadow. The process of creating this and developing artistic pathways in the brain, finding satisfaction in artistic expression, has led me to sharing this joy through teaching. Over the last fifteen years, I have been conducting workshops and writing grants to teach art in the public schools.

My newest love is porcelain and I create free-form bowls and containers that, once fired, become a new “canvas” on which I use china paints and glazes to express myself. 

When you view my canvases from a distance, the eye and the brain work to combine colors. But when you examine the work up close, you will be able to see the nuances of colors dancing on the canvas as they combine to create the finished piece. 

I owe my deepest thanks to the One who created this beautiful world we live in, and given me the gift to help you see the things around you from another perspective.

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