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  • In the heart of historic Kailua-Kona town, just past the Farmers Market and directly across from St. Michael’s Catholic Church, lies a delightful landmark called Waterfront Row. This charming 2 level nautical complex is easily distinguished by its flashy blue roof, its 100 foot glass windowed lookout tower, and a giant 3 ton iron anchor at its doorstep.

Waterfront Row, with its rich heritage and maritime splendor, has been gracing the Kailua coastline along Alii Drive for nearly 40 years. Looking out toward the bay at Kailua Pier, this rustic nautical treasure boasts some of the most awesome ocean views of crashing waves and spectacular sunsets. A quaint corner of the complex is reserved as a tribute to Kona’s Bill Fish Tournaments with a historic Granders wall of fame.

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    (808) 334-0037 Alii Dr
  • Kailua Kona, HI (808) 334-0037
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    9:00 am - 9:00pm
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